úterý 27. dubna 2010

Blue Stem - Hand painted silk curtains

These curtains are made with my pure fascination of silk painting. I combined here blue and yellow colors. Domination of blue stem with black details is in the main part of diptych - is making full picture when both parts are together. 

I am always looking for right light. Silk has a great attribute: is soft and clear.

pondělí 12. dubna 2010

Silk painted triptych: Sunflower

This handpainted silk curtain consists of three parts. Middle part is only drawing with outlines: gold, white and black, and can stay at tha window all day, like usual curtain. Left and right wings can modify this window - or balconny. You can cover middle part and make colorful exposition - and at least you have two sunflowers!

Because I love sunflowers at all, I had to  compose them into this soft material with magical tendencies. You can - as always in case of silk - use the second painter - the Sun, and then you have changing dress for windows!

You can compare with my other curtains here: http://dgm-art.blogspot.com/2010/04/courtain-two-wings.html

pátek 9. dubna 2010

Curtains - two wings, theme: Rye

I would like to introduce you my double curtain executed in silk with silk outlines and colors.
This painting took a bit time, so I hope you like it. 

This curtain is suitable for large windows or balconny and - as you can see - is very colorful.  

I wanted to color windows and room, make it beautiful and play the game with Sun, because its light is a miracle! It can change every time this curtain, its look. And sometimes (like glass vitrages do) can flicker pieces of colors and light on walls ...

 These two pictures are made in night, so you can see changing colors, shadows and lights.