sobota 30. ledna 2010


I create hand painted, one of a kind, silk scarves. This scarf was posted so that I can share about my creative process, and show you more of my silk paintings. This 90x90 cm long scarf is dedicated to simple but amazing flower: Dandelion.
All the time I am looking for many small details in nature and then trying to enlarge them at the maximum point (that sometimes you cannot find out, what is the basic motive :-)
Welcome to my Dandelions gallery and enjoy the cascades of colors and drawing! 

When outside is snowing I remember the summer, with the sun, hot weather and dandelions :-)

There is a rich drawing basement with black and silver white outlines ... and many colors (Pebeo, Javana).

pátek 29. ledna 2010

European street team

I am a member of EST :-)

čtvrtek 28. ledna 2010

Butterfly: hand painted silk scarf

As I like finding new shapes and ornaments, I paited square scarf or picture inspired with a butterfly. I drew it with silver white and black colors and a little bit of gold.  

each corner is different, which makes the scarf more attractive ...

detailed view ... lot of lines :-)

středa 20. ledna 2010


I decided to paint and draw - or - draw and paint a triptych. What is it about? This triptych is about escape into the nature, among birds and animals, among elves and fairies.

Here is a part of drawing, todays evening I am going to fill it with warm colors.

left side
central part

right side

The girl escaping ...

 Wood or grass elves catching her ...

The guards: men and birds in golden grass ...

pátek 8. ledna 2010


Have you ever heard about Mozart's Magic flute? No? I don't believe you! There are secrets inside, that you can discover. So try to listen, relax and enjoy ...
As I say, inspiration is everywhere, just to have the open eyes and look.

Grass in Winter, just imagine :)

Winter and snow is everywhere. In fact I don't like cold weather, but I like white winter fields and that beauty. I should probably draw more pictures on silk with white outline, but for today I choose grass, trees and flower.

This square scarf is not too large, but great think of it are its four corners - each is different (like for different scarves), just look :-)