čtvrtek 11. března 2010

Back to the nature and look under

As everyone looking forward to spring might be nervous about snowing outside in the middle of March.
But spring is comming, don't worry, under the ground is every kind of root waking up and preparing for its new years' journey.
I decided to celebrate this magical happening as I can: with painting. For this time it is an abstract picture, that I will expose into my Etsy shop soon.

So what do you think, is it our hidden nature underground? 

středa 3. března 2010

Red Orchid: Hand painted silk scarf

This painting is one of my first silk paintings, I  had a theme from jungle : Orchid flower, red and black. As I wanted to find suitable model, I found this lady, who is also good looking with this modern accessory.

This scarf is relisted  and open to buy in my Etsy shop: