pátek 7. května 2010

Success tips from the successful etsy seller

Hi all, I want to share with you very interesting interview with one etsy seller, which lives in Netherlands and work alone. But her tips for promotion are helpful.
interview by Brenda from Lindecise
Please read and be inspired :-)

"This time we go to the Netherlands to see Bai from ThongBaiTatong.
Bai’s shop is actually what we can call a “new” arrived; she started her business exactly eleven months ago, but the fact is that Bai has made 457 sales in nearly one year only!
We, newbies on Etsy are often asking so many questions about how much time does it take to set a solid base for our business, or how to improve our shops…and so on.
Then I was really curious to ask some questions to Bai, and she was very happy to share her experience with us.

Hi Bai, Your business has grown fast in less than a year (457 sales in nearly a year!), please, tell us a little bit about who are those customers and how they found you on Etsy.
Around 90% of my customers on Etsy comes from America. I believe that they find my shop via the Etsy website itself. I relist my items daily and once in a while my items are featured on the Front Page. These things bring a number of visitors to my shop.

I don’t have a Twitter account. I do have a Facebook account but have not updated anything on it since the first day I opened it about a year ago. I blog about once a week. Then again, people who visit my blog usually know me via my Etsy shop. It would not be wrong to say that most of my customers find me via Etsy.com itself.

Which are your best marketing tools for online selling (in your case, clothes and accessories) and how they work for you?
Because I work alone, production is very important. Most of my time is spent on sewing and hardly on marketing. The combination of blogging, making treasuries to help promote other members’ products and relisting, is the main marketing tool that works well for me so far. However, I believe that there are other factors that make marketing work more effectively, such as the sorts of products I offer and how I present them. You try hard to bring people to your shop. You even pay (many of the 20 cents to Etsy) for these people to come. And when they finally come you have to be convincing enough to make them buy from you. So I encourage visitors to stay, look at the pictures, and read the descriptions. I do this by trying to take good pictures, writing detailed descriptions, being eager to help and provide the best service that I can, etc."

Full interview you can read on handmade blog.

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